h2. Screenshots

h3. For Authenticated Users

h4. Browsing Image Folders in Normal Mode


Shared Gallery lists your Folders and images within the folders. Thumbnails are created on the fly and then cached.

h4. View a Single Image


You can click on an image to view it. Use left arrow an right arrow to see the previous or next image, or select one of the images in the neighbourhood from the image row on bottom. Klick on the upper arrow to go back to the whole folder.

h4. Select Images to Share


You can switch to selection mode, then each image gets a checkbox. Select all images you want to share, chose a password and an expiry date, then create a share-link.

h4. Share the Files


Share the link and the password with your friends. Either copy the link and send it through any communication channel, or even simpler, send a mail directly from the gallery. The program tries to detect your name and your sender mail address from your LDAP account.

h3. Anonymous Users that Follow a Shared Link

h4. Password Query


When your friends follow the link you have shared with them, they are first asked for the password.

h4. Download Shared Images


After entering the password, your friends can download a TAR archive containing all the fotos you shared with them. They see thumbnail of the images in the archive before they download it.

h2. Typical Use

  • A family (couple) where someone runs it own server.
  • You want privacy and you don't want your private fotos on foreign servers, such as Picasa.
  • Give full access to family members (partner, children).
  • All family members can select fotos and share them with friends.
  • Example: Share fotos of a party with the party's guests.
  • Shared fotos can be downloaded in full resolution by the recipent.

h2. Design Goals

Sharing Gallery is a Web Gallery with the following design targets:
* Recursively expose a path to the internet as a gallery.
* Security: Limit access, e.g. using LDAP or Apache-Authentication.
* Offer an easy solution to share images with friends.
* Configurable (as far as needed).
* KISS (Keep It Simple and Stupid): Easy to use, easy to install, easy to maintain, small code base.
* No JavaScript (for base funtionality), REST API, no database.

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