h2. General Topics Versatile C++ Library

Featureful C++ Library containing a lot of needful things. Everything, I often need, but is missing in C++ standard libraries and other common 3rd party libraries, such as log4cxx, cppunit and boost.

I have paid attention to define simple and a nice to use interfaces. The library makes use of object orientation, operator overload and templates, where it makes sense. The library passes several module tests before each delivery. It is therefore stable and tested.

The library contains modules for the following purposes:
* Collect and Format a Stack Trace: Having a stack trace is extremely useful, if you have unexpected or uncaught exceptions
** Exceptions with Stack Trace
** Automated Unexpected and Terminate Handler
* C++ Evaluation of Command Line Arguments: A fully object oriented replacement for optarg
* Classes for Automated Resource Handling: Automatically free resources from C libraries, such as open, malloc, etc.
* Configuration File Handler: Read and write UNIX / Windows like configuration files
* Execute UNIX Commands: Write to stdin and read from stdout, stderr of the sub process
* File and System Utilities: C++ wrapper around C library file and directory access (incomplete)
* Regular Expressions: C++ wrapper around C library regular expressions
* Tokenizer: Split a string into tokens and iterate through them
* Function Trace (using log4cxx)
** Automatic Function Trace: Add function trace with no code change!
* A C++ wrapper around libltdl, Libtool Dynamic Loading library
* Extensions for C++ Standard Libraries
** STL extensions
*** Shift values into containers
*** Read Line that reads a full line
*** String extensions: Add integers to strings, shift into strings

HTML and PDF documentation is include in the installation (built with Doxygen)

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