h2. C++ Class for Reading and Writing XML Structures

All informaton can be found in the generated doxygen project documentation.

Rationale: The initial idea was to map C++ data structures to XML files for configuration files that can easily be edited by hand.

This library does not need any kind of C++ code parser or special pre compiler. You can specify a schema entirly in native C++. The schema is verified when XML is read and exceptions are thrown when the XML to be parse is invalid. Exceptions specify exactly the location and reason of the problem, so that the editor of the XML file can easily find and correct the problem.

C++ classes can inherit xml::Serialize and become serializable this way. All you need to do is to overwrite one single method, where you declare XML tag names for the class name and for all members.

(More rationale: See also "Related Pages" in the doxygen project documentation)

Structure of the files:
* src: The source code of the library
* doc/html: Doxygen documentation oft the library usage
* doc/examples: Example code (included in doxygen documentation)
* test: CppUnit test files - can also be taken as examples

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