• Backup Generic

    Easily configure a versioned remote backup over ssh using rsync and hardlinks to deduplicate files.

  • Bootstrap Build Environment

    h1. Simplify Your Project Build Environment

    Automake and Autoconf based build environment that especially supports and preconfigures:
    * C++ including:
    ** QT (without qmake, just using the AutoTools)
    ** LibTool
    ** Library dependencies
    ** CPP-Unit
    ** PKG-Config dependency file...

  • C++ Matix Classes

    See Details in Project Homepage.

  • C++ Neronal Network

    See documentation on Project Homepage.

  • CertMan

    Certificate Manager for SSL and SuisseID certificates.

    Open certificates directly from URLs:


  • Debian Chroots

    Setup chroot environments for all current debian distributions. This is used in jenkins build servers to create packages for all distributions.

  • libpcscxx C++ Library for PCSC-lite, OpenSSL, PKCS#11, SuisseID

    h2. C++ Library for accessing PCSC-lite, OpenSSL, PKCS#11, SuisseID

    The Libraries for accessing smartcard tokens are written in ugly C, moving around pointers with no memory management. This library provides a simple and nice C++ wrapper around these libraries, so that programmers can concentrate on functionality. It offers general support for PCSC-lite, OpenSSL, PKCS#11, plus specific functionality for the SuisseID....

  • Move Fotos

    Move fotos and videos from a device, i.e. cardreader or camera, and sort them by date into predefined folders.

  • MRW C++ Library

    h2. General Topics Versatile C++ Library

    Featureful C++ Library containing a lot of needful things. Everything, I often need, but is missing in C++ standard libraries and other common 3rd party libraries, such as log4cxx, cppunit and boost.

    I have paid attention to define simple and a nice to use interfaces. The library makes use of object orientation, operator overload and templates, where it makes sense. The library passes several module tests before each delivery. It is therefore stable and tested....

  • PDF-Sign

    PDF signing tool ... just starting up ...

  • ProxyFace

    h2. Platform Independent Interface for Network Proxies

    Implements a Proxy detection (WPAD) interface for Linux, Mac OSX and Windows. Offers a GUI for manual proxy settings and automatic WPAD detection. Makes use of on Linux and Mac OSX, and uses WinHTTP on Windows. The GUI is based on Qt4 and Qt5....

  • SafeChat

    h2. Fully encrypted secure and anonymous Safe Chat.


  • Sharing Gallery

    h2. Browse Fotos in Internet and Share with Friends

    Expose your personal foto folder to the internet, limit users by Apache or LDAP configuration and allow users to share fotos with friends. For details, please see the wiki.

  • Surfer

    h2. WebKit Based Qt Webbrowser and Browser Library

    A light weight WebKit based Qt Webbrowser that supports PKCS#11 hardware smartcard token, i.e. it supports the SuisseID. Formerly delivered as SwissBrowser on SwissStick, then it was renamed to SwissSurfer, now it is called only Surfer....

  • SuSE Chroots

    Setup chroot environments for current rpm based distributions, such as OpenSUSE, Fedora and CentOS. This is used in jenkins build servers to create packages for all distributions.

  • TokenInfo - PKCS#11 GUI

    Show PKCS#11 / Cryptoki token information. Especially show the content of a SuisseID smart card token.

  • VideoWeb

    h2. Browse Your Downloaded Videos on Internet

    PHP based video webserver that exposes a local path containing videos to the internet. For documentation, please see the wiki.

  • WebTester

    Framework for Automated Web Application Testing

    There is a test GUI including browser to record user input while he surfs on the web and a test runner to run (recorded) test scripts. The tests can be integrated e.g. in a jenkins build job. It has been tested on Wordpress, Dokuwiki and Joomla pages. Joomla is difficult due to Javascript-Moo-Tools pollution. There's some specific support, that may help a bit, but to test Joomla sites, you need a lot of experience. Concluson: Avoid Joomla....

  • XML-C++ Library

    h2. C++ Class for Reading and Writing XML Structures

    All informaton can be found in the generated doxygen project documentation.

    Rationale: The initial idea was to map C++ data structures to XML files for configuration files that can easily be edited by hand....

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